Massage is an ancient form of therapiy that has been used for an unknown amount of time, probably since time immemorial. Massage is therefore an archaic craft that meets the differnet needs for touch. In Chinese wirtings form the year 2600 B.C. massage handles were described and also in the Indian healing art early descriptions of massage in connection with essential oils and herbs are known. The Greek physician Hippocrates (460 - 375 B.C.) and Galenos (129 - 199 A.D.) used massage as a healing method and thus contributed to its spread in Europe. A massage touches not only physical structures but also the spirit and soul. Massage is one of the oldest remedies. Nowadays, massage ist used to relax more deeply and to activate self-regulating forces. 


Stones are ancient beeings. Stones brings peace and equilibre back to our soul and body. Stone-treatments will set your spirit free of stress and bring your body back in harmony. This massage will be done in combination with warm oil and preheated stones from the mountains of the region (Färmeltal, Obersimmental) or gemstones.

Herbal oil massage

Enjoy a herbal oil massage with herbs, oils an aromas personally tailored to you. High-quality oils from organic cultivation are used. Some have been prepared with herbs from my garden or wild collection. Self-produced plant waters and essential oils are also added. Let yourself  be surprised!


This massage is suitable after skiing, hiking, biking, climbing, and goes to the individual needs of your muscles. I use an anti-inflammatory gel with white smoke and turmeric, which has a soothing, relaxing and warming effect.