Touching and moving the meridians bring you in a deep contact with yourself. It's an art of touching the body who sets the spirit free and opens the room for deep regeneration and selfregulation.

Shiatsu massage therapy relies on the use the fingers, thumbs and palm to apply pressure to various areas of the body’s surface to help heal common ailments and conditions, and correct imbalances in the body. Pressure applied to points on the body promotes energy flow and corrects disharmonies throughout the patient's body. In addition to being a deeply relaxing experience, Shiatsu helps relieve stress, treat pain and illness, and contributes to a patient's overall health and wellbeing.

Shiatsu regulates the automatic nervous system activity and stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. Poor posture, joint problems, sprains, arthritis, sciatica, acute and chronic neck and back pain, depression, and burn out are treatable with Shiatsu. Shiatsu do not replace to see a doctor, it helps you to increase your recovery.

As a shiatsu therapist I can help you, to find yourself the best way for your physical and mental health. Shiatsu can be used as an accomplishment to other physical therapys or medical treatments.

As a Yogateacher YCH/EYU I can show you healthy bodymovements and help you to get out of unhealty pattern of movement.


I also can give you a support with Dr. Bach flower remedy

I am looking forward to meet you !

Dr. med. Wilfried Rappenecker ehemaliger Schulleiter der Internationalen Shiatsu Schule, ISS im Kiental und Hamburg über Shiatsu